I thought I’d start with the most recent and completely insane, out of control organ I’ve seen lately, the Lowrey Stardust.  This from Starbird Music:

“This new flagship organ gives the player unbelievable sound quality and realism all housed in the most elegant cabinet. Steam bent woods and crafted curves means that you will be the envy of all your friends with this organ in your home. 

The Stardust features a large full COLOR touch LCD screen. This is immensely easy to read and makes the operation of the organ very easy.


From the main screen you can choose from six-hundred song titles by choosing Song Setup. These song titles, conveniently laid out in set of four and alphabetically, set the organ up with suitable sounds and styles for the song title.

The rhythm styles of the Stardust are incomparable. We have many style including McSwing, Vegas Big Band, Epic Ballad, Parrot Buffet, Chipmunks, Aloha, Swing Band, Frank & The Count, Tabernacle Choir, Roses, plus many, many more. Press the style category button and you get the first style. There are then two variation buttons on the panel, which give the player two more styles. Press these two buttons together and a further five styles appear on the screen. This means that each category has eight styles in it which gives an amazing one-hundred and ninety-two styles.

The Alter Style and Drum Variation buttons adds further variation to every style. You can even revoice each style easily from the touch screen. These easy to use features means that there are virtually endless possibilities! Every style has eleven Rhythm Presets. These eleven sounds are perfectly suited to the style and are all perfectly balanced. This makes the Stardust an organ that both beginners and more advanced can use easily.

The styles are constantly varying with different musical phrases and riffs. This means that Lowrey styles will never bore you or your listeners! If you start your song with a major chord the introduction will be different to if you started with a minor chord. Incredible!

The Category Presets give you banks of ten sounds in a particular music style. Press Theatre and you will get ten theatre organ sounds, from lush tibias to a full organ sound with Post Horn. You can view the registrations on the screen and even change the sound by touching the apprpriate registration. Other banks selectable from the panel include Latin, Showtime & Big Band. Press the More button and you will get a further ten banks. This include Bells, Holidays, Sacred, Lush and Nostalgic all offering rich, sophisticated setups. In fact there are nearly three-thousand setups ready to use in the Stardust.

A brand new feature is the Equalizer. Pressing this button will show ten settings on the screen. Say we wanted the overall sound of the Stardust to be brighter. Press the Equalizer button, then touch the Brighter option from the screen. Mellow, Sparkle, Less Bass and many other settings can be easily chosen. This makes the Stardust are truly incredible sounding organ.

A pallet of over three-hundred sounds are to be found in the Stardust. If you want to craft your own registrations you can store up to fifty of these in the organ and then save them to the onboard floppy disk drive. The LCD screen can also be mirror to a television via the video output, great for sing-a-long evenings with friends. A music rest extender is featured which allows you to bring the music closer to you, whilst the padded bench with it’s leather-like finish has a pair of unique storage draws to keep all your music and disks safe.

What we have touched on here is merely a scratch on the surface of this amazing Lowrey organ. It has to be heard to be believed.”

Holy CRAP.  Frank & The Count.

Here’s one for a mere 28,000 dollars US on eBay

For that kind of cash, you’d think Stardust owners would flood Youtube with video’s hoping to get a record deal to begin to pay the damn thing off, but no.