No More Comments.

If you’ve noticed, I rarely update this page.  Part of the reason is the non-stop deluge of comments from people making demands, trying to buy things that I’ve made pretty clear aren’t mine, and people trying to sell organs – which I can safely say are 99% scams.  Well, congratulations dumbasses – no more comments.  I am DONE with your laziness in finding out about things like:

A) Where you are.

B) What the purpose of the place you are is.

C) What a blog is.

Half of you people seem to think I’m running a store, even though it says RIGHT UNDER THE TITLE

“No. I don’t own them. Stop asking!”

And you run your mouth at me making demands like “I need this manual.  I will pay five dollars.  I need you to get it here by Friday.” without even checking to see if I have the manual in question or if you’re actually in a store!

And then there are you sad, sad old folks who are all to willing to give up your personal info, credit card numbers and all to a total stranger you’ve never even seen in hopes of getting the organ pictured.

Enough.  I warned you months ago, but nothing has changed.  You’ve just about killed what joy I had in doing this blog.  When I get an email saying that a new comment awaits my moderation, I literally GROAN.  I really wanted to just have a blog where people came and drooled over crazy organs, maybe talked about their experiences and shared videos etc.  There have been a few of you that did just that.  To you I say thank you and also I’m sorry.  You were who I had in mind when I started this, unfortunately there are many more Archie Bunkers out there, ruining it for the rest of us.


Lowrey GX-325 Genius Organ

Relatively speaking, dirt cheap at a starting bid of 750 US in Chicago, Ill., it’s a Pee U Oh (pick up only, dummy) in this here auction.

And Party Pianist Mr. Robert Benson was kind enough to put up a lengthy mp3 demo of his Lowrey GX-325 Organ.


Not ROBBY Benson, star of one the films that freaked me out about drugs as a kid, 1977’s ‘Richie’.


Not Robert GUILLAUME, star of the late 70’s early 80’s sitcom ‘Benson’ and one Phantom of the Opera (an organ playing psychopath with a heart of gold).

I mean ROBERT BENSON – this guy:

Of course, the track makes me think of all the insane stuff I’d do with the GX-325. It would be terrifying.