Calling All Manuals!

Next to goofballs trying to sell their organs – which I expressly forbid without craigslist / ebay representation – the next question I’m asked is for manuals.  This is tough as there aren’t many available online as most of these instruments predate the internet as we know it by 20 years or so.

So this is my request: send me your manuals in PDF form and I will store them here!  If this amount gets big enough (unlikely) I will move them to their own dedicated site!

The organ community NEEDS this service more and more each day, so if you can – Please Do!  I will make sure to credit you, unless you don’t want me to.

If this sounds good to you, send me your manuals – user or service – to:

mars hottentot (at) hotmail dot com (remove the spaces and turn ‘at’ into ‘@’ and ‘dot’ into ‘.’)

Thank you in advance and hopefully we see a few manuals in the near future!


6 comments on “Calling All Manuals!

  1. rockstardave says:

    Agree 110%

    A local organ tech recently sold off a truckload (literally) of manuals, but I was broke 😦 I still wonder what happened to them, or if it was an analog tech “brain drain”, maybe lost forever…

    I’m gonna cast this net too, methinks, and see who bites. Let me know what you come up with, I’ll talk to some other organ nuts out there, see what I can turn up. A mega site for organ manuals would be epic.

  2. marshottentot says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty crucial this late in the game – the demand is huge. I’ve got no responses as of yet, unfortunately.

  3. rockstardave says:

    No replies here yet either, but I still have some ground to cover (forums, blogs, sites, etc.)

    As somebody recently pointed out on a, Hammond tonewheel manuals are plentiful in digital form, but everything else is a rarity.

  4. marshottentot says:

    Well, I suppose if the word gets out eventually – ever so slowly – this will happen. I’ll hit up Harmony Central.

  5. Carroll Hill says:

    Looking for service info / electrical prints on a Yamaha E-30 Electone.
    Can anybody help me out?

  6. marshottentot says:

    I have personally received no manuals through this site. I get an average of 200 visitors a day, you’d think I’d get something. Not yet, unfortunately.

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