Easily one of the coolest organs ever.  Auction HERE.  Ends on 2/25/10.

“Here’s a rare piece: a 1968 Kustom J-1295 Kombo organ. This piece is a real monster, “tuck-and-fold” silver ( white ) Naugahyde from the “Zodiac” series, four C12N Jensen special design speakers, K200A amp , K200 preamp for other instruments , and a lot more.This organ will need some work primarily on the preamp which I can’t seem to get a signal through,some humming, Naugahyde ripped on the bottom, and the volume pedal pot will need some cleaning. All of the tabs and controls function well and the amp is loud. Organ comes with its original cover. I believe this is a first year Kustom Kombo organ and a pretty funky unit at that. This baby weights about 200 lbs so it’ll have to be picked up or freighted, so please read my item description.”