8 comments on “Alright, Youse Mugs – Lissen Up!

  1. Ruben says:

    Nice to see you around! I hope you’ll be able to stem the tide of relentless elderly organ buyers 🙂 When you feel like posting again, please do, some of us love your stuff. No pressure 🙂

  2. marshottentot says:

    It’s not necessarily because of their age as much as it is the demanding nature of many of the ‘requests’ I get. But thanks, I appreciate the kind words.

  3. Paul says:


    I was just having another look for an optigan and saw the new post from you. 🙂

    So scary that people just send you private information for no reason. Makes you realise how easy it is for the scammers of the world.

    Love your blog.

  4. marshottentot says:

    Yeah, I’m still looking too… and failing! I’ve also started looking for a sequencer then I stumbled upon Pea’s Roland MC-8 blog (http://rolandmc8.wordpress.com/) and now I’m lusting THAT! We’re all into the same esoteric crap!! It’s an exclusive club, I suppose. HAHAHA! Lemme know if you come across one!

    I’m glad you mentioned the private information, that is huge problem here! I wish these folks would understand – the internet is like an ocean we’re all floating in and scammers are like sharks. When you put your phone number or – god forbid – your credit card info out here, it’s like you’ve just gashed your leg open, thus drawing all the sharks to us (this blog) with all the yummy blood! Seriously! I mean, Inagaddadavida, people, c’mon!

  5. rockstardave says:

    I’m definitely one of the aforementioned people who love the stuff you post. After reading this post, though, I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. I put up a page about all the free organs out there, tried to make it explicit I don’t deal them, just like pretty pictures of them. Probably won’t work, though. Sometimes I think whatever is left of the organ craze is mostly senior citizens with show pieces, pack rats, scammers, and a handful of actual players. Makes me wonder which I am 😉

  6. marshottentot says:

    Great Blog Dave! I’ll add you to the link list. I just wrote you over there, so to avoid redundancy, let me say to the readership – if you want some tips on how to score a free organ (NOTE – HE’S NOT GIVING AWAY ORGANS!) do go visit. Better yet, if you have a free organ to give, why don’t you hit up Dave and he’ll help you get the word out!

  7. rockstardave says:

    Glad you like my idea. Your blog was a big inspiration. Your post on the Electone FS-500 and the violent close ups gave me the idea for the top picture, too (“now that’s some organ pron!” lol).
    Always seemed funny to me that people are trying to sell their organs for inflated prices when there are so many free ones in the neighborhood.

  8. marshottentot says:

    Aw, thanks Dave.
    As to your statement regarding inflated prices – it depends on where you live and how desperate you are, financially. Here in Atlanta – it’s a balloon party – you rarely see one for free.

    Loved the mission statement, BTW, great read!

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