Lowery Spinet Festival Organ Model # NL-20.

HOLY CRAP! This is a GREAT deal!! 350.00 opening bid with a 550.00 Buy It Now via THIS auction!

“Offered for sale is a Lowery Spinet Festival Organ Model # NL-20. This piece was recently included with an Estate Purchase and looks to be in great condition. This is the Electronic Spinet and retailed for over $10,000.00 New. We are offering this item at well below retail and it still has many years of enjoyment left. This Organ was purchased NEW and used very little if at all. We have the Owners Manual and song book included as shown.

Some of the details are as follows: 4 preset registration buttons, LCD display. 2-44 note keyboards, 13-Bass Pedals, 2-Channel (Stereo) Sound System (2x40W), 2-6″x9″ Full Range Speakers, Rhythm Preset buttons, Music Chord System, Automatic Organ Computer, Upper & lower symphonic voices, bass voices, digital voices/upper voices, orchestral voices (upper & lower), solo voices (upper only). Effects: Vibra Trem, Dynamic Keying (On/Off), Celeste, Solo Portamento, Reverb Effect, Transpose, Chorus, Sustain. Dimensions: 42″ Wide, 25.25″ Deep, 39.75″ Tall, 146 pounds. Serial Number: NL20-109J3-75240 WALNUT 1993 Year Of Production. Bench is included in great condition as well.”

And check out this sad sign of the times – great incentive, though (if you live up the street).

“Choose the BUY IT NOW option and receive $50.00 Credit towards gasoline expense for pick-up at our location in Greencastle, PA. 17225. Shipping can be arranged for a fee by our truck. Pick-up at our location is preferred.”


5 comments on “Lowery Spinet Festival Organ Model # NL-20.

  1. Lance says:

    I rarely got a chance to hear or play a Lowrey, since there wasn’t a local dealer. I remember something about their auto-accompaniment feature being called Magic Genie or something like that.

    Saw this today and thought you’d dig it, if you haven’t seen it already:


    The D-80 (circa ’77) was awesome. I’m pretty sure that’s the one I remember the best.

  2. marshottentot says:

    No, I hadn’t seen that – great find! Thanks for the heads up.

    The Lowery’s are WILD. Maybe my favorite.

  3. Lance says:

    Wurlitzer organ pron, including brochure scans! Get it while it’s still around:


  4. Ruben says:

    I love this blog! Back in the 70s I was a kid and enjoyed going to the nearby music store, where they had the Lowrey Jubilee and Jamboree models, some CRB Diamond 900-something, a Thomas organ with Color-Glo, a Yamaha, and a lot of small Casios. I spent many a saturday afternoon there, looking and listening in awe, and playing when they let me. I collected brochures and read them until I knew them by heart. If that’s not a perversion, I don’t know what is! 🙂 that’s how I learned about the (then) wondrous Lowrey MX1, or what I thought was the pinnacle of achievement, the Baldwin Cinema III.

    Ah those days… thank you very much, and please keep the good stuff coming! 🙂

  5. Doug says:

    So, selling an organ with “local pickup only” isn’t likely to work, huh? Then how? I have my father-in-law’s Wurlitzer Omni 6000 to sell. Any suggestions?

    (Can you respond by email if you do have a suggestion? shyzaboy @ yahoo.com)


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