Kimball EP1 w/ Elka ‘Computer’!

Holey Moley!

Have you ever dreamed of having a ‘H.A.L. 9000’ style computer in your organ helping you play your best?

“I’m sorry, Mars, but you played an incorrect note.”

“I’m sorry, Mars, but playing the Banjo setting with the  Dyna Mute setting is in poor taste.”

“I’m sorry, Mars, but your blood alcohol level is too high to play me with any kind of accuracy at this time.”

Yeah, me neither.  But as I said in the last post, marketing departments of the 1970’s seemed to think we did.

So here we have another blast from the past courtesy of this Newhall, California, Pick Up Only AUCTION.

The Kmball EP-1 w/ Elka ‘Computer’

beep boop!

“Ready to assist you, PeeWee!”