Hammond Aurora Classic 200

Another FANTASTIC Classic 200 up for sale on Ebay for 400 bux (OR you can make a ‘Best Offer’).

Classic Hammond Aurora  Multiplex Synthesis , Two 44 note Keyboards, 13 Pedals, Harmonic Tonebars Upper Keybord one set of 9 Tonebars, Lower Keyboard set of 7 Tonebars, Piston Presets: Vibraharp, Theatre, Jazz, Hammond Sound, Full Organ, Polysnethesis Precussion Variable Repeat, 2nd, 3rd,& 5ht Harmonics, Vibraharp, Twin Mallet Marimba,Chimes,Pluck Pizzicato, Banjo,Harpsichord,Piano, Piano Solo,Second Voices, Violin,English Horn,Kinura,Diapason,Pedals 16’&8’Bass Guitar, Easy Play Group,Brite Foot, Bass Walk, Memory Chords, One Fnger Chords, Auto Chord, Leslie Lower, Leslie Upper, Leslie Reverb, Leslie Chorale, Vibrato, Melody Maker, Philharmonic Strings, Sustain, Fascinating Fingers, Headphone Jack, Speakers ONe 12″, tow 8″ One 6″, Power Amplifiers  2-35 Watt, 1-12 Watt

Dimensions 48 1/4″L, 44″ H, 25 1/2 ” D  Weight  272 Lbs (Including Bench)

Showroom condition, Local Pickup only”

Someone in Tucson, AZ will be rockin’ that any day.


2 comments on “Hammond Aurora Classic 200

  1. DAVID HARO says:

    I’m interested on the organ I would like to know if it is still available

  2. marshottentot says:

    It is not. In fact NOTHING on this site is available as it was all on ebay and craigslist over a year ago. Sorry!

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