Baldwin Microcomputer Orchestra

It’s the 1970’s.  Just the word ‘computer’ sends society into a fantasia of Kubrik-ian proportions.  So it comes as no surprise that everything that could be even remotely identified as being a computer would have the term tacked on the product.  Enter this mystery:

Baldwin Microcomputer Orchestra

The pictures are nice, but the enigma remains…

It has a preset called … wait for it… Fantomfingers!

Via this AUCTION P.U.O. in Scottsdale, AZ (whaaa?  Another Arizona Organ!?!?)


4 comments on “Baldwin Microcomputer Orchestra

  1. Dan says:

    Nice blog! Classic stuff. I just bought my second Baldwin Orgasonic. . nice features. I’m probably gonna
    cut it down so I can put it in the back seat for road-gigs. Have you ever come across a Benjamin Organ? The one I had was similar to a small Kimball, rainbow colored toggle switches and a very simple drum machine.
    Great sound though! especially through a wah. Another one I like is the early 70’s lowreys, they have green button that turns the expression pedal into a Wow-Wow.

  2. marshottentot says:

    Thanks for the comment, Dan! You’re the first one to have anything to say that didn’t involve a sale! Congratulations!

    I haven’t come a across a Benjamin YET, but gimme a few weeks and I’m sure one will appear.

    I’m in the process of chopping AND re-casing my Kawai in ACRYLIC. Wish me luck!

  3. Emma says:

    Where can I get manuals on this type of organ (piano). We have one exactly like the picture above. We also want any type of music books related to the above.

  4. r robert brown says:

    In case this might be of interest to anyone:

    I love synthesizers and in my humble opinion organs were the firt synthesizers


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