Yamaha Electone FS-500


click the pic for the extreme close up, you perv!

Hey Michigan Organ Addicts – Check it out!

From this Auction:

“This is a excellent condition Yamaha Electone FS-5000 It is one of the best organs Yamaha ever made, this is from 1984. It has Combination Section , Orchestra Section strings, brass, reeds, Special Presets, custom voices, Solo keyboard ….plays GREAT wood cabinet… combination lever memory 1, 2, 3, orchestra stirrup, brass, reed, & vocal Piano Harpsichord, celestra, vibraphone, mandolin, banjo, jazz, guitar, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxaphone, trumpet, trombone, violin, electric bass, solo…piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxaphone, trumpet, horn, violin, harmonica, guitar, auto rhythm, unit march, waltz, ballad, slow rock, tango, latin, samba, … Also comes with bench, .. Again, excellent condition… Buy with confidence, check my feedback… Item is for local pick up only, unless you make arrangments for a shipping company to pick up. Organ is located in Homer Michigan,”

they call it it the FS-5000, but it is definitely the FS-500 as can be seen in the third photo below.

What I love about this auction, beyond the very affordable start price of 799 US, are the almost VIOLENT close ups, like you’re being shoved face first into the amazing features!!!


18 comments on “Yamaha Electone FS-500

  1. Ed Joe DePremio says:

    I already have this great organ I am learning organ, I would like to have an owners Manual, I have two Service Manuals that came with the organ (FS-500), also have a price from when it was new $20,000.00 yes that is right $20,000. If you have a owners manual make me a copy, and send to me and I’ll send you one of these orgnal Service manuals even steven? My number is 910-843-5898 my work number 910-354-1437 2:pm to 9pm.

  2. marshottentot says:

    Ed, it helps to read the blog, not just look at the pictures. I don’t own this, it was (and the majority of these posts were/are) auctions on eBay.

    I cannot believe you listed your number. That is an internet no-no. Enjoy the Indo-spam!

  3. Hugo says:

    The best organ I ever played…!!

    I had it from 1984 until 1996… until I got divorced… and she kept it!!!

    I made beautiful music with it. I still have recordings on tape…

    Great instrument!!!

  4. Stretch says:

    I was so excited to see these pics… I’ve been looking for one of these for my Dads 70th birthday. He had one in its hayday, but hard times force him to sell. Please let me know if you know were to begin looking for this most beautiful instrument. Thanks

  5. marshottentot says:

    I suggest both eBay and Craigslist. With eBay you can ‘save’ a search term and they will send you an email alert when the item you’re looking for comes up for sale. Good Luck!

  6. B. Biddle says:

    There is one for sale in Redondo Beach Ca. Look at Craigslist in Los Angeles. The ad just came up an hour or so ago. I e-mailed the seller and they e-mailed me right back.

  7. Nancy says:

    I am selling this same organ on Craiglist in Los angeles. It is beautiful and works great. Look under CL, muusical instruments, Los angeles. Selling for $400 but no reasonable offer will be refused. The item is located in Torrance.

  8. Rafael J Roman says:

    Nancy, I’m interested to make a reasonable offer, if you steel have the fs500.

  9. Damien says:

    Hi nancy…I can’t find the organ in Craigslist…Can you please get back with me if you still have it?


  10. Nicolas says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I’ve been looking for a Yamaha Electone and was wondering if you still had yours or if you sold it on Craigslist.
    You can contact me at electone at madelin dot biz
    Thank you

  11. Vince says:

    You can get the operating manual of most Yamaha organs in this website


  12. roger bejarano says:

    well i found a fs500 yamaha organ and i am a professional player and looking for something to play at my house. I want to know how and where this organ is. I want to know that it is in good working condition. Please let me know if it is available. I willing to go and pick it up. Just want to know price and where you are selling it from. we are from texss and i have played this model for years. I am missing it, that’s why I’m contacting you.

    thank you, rogelio

    p.s. I know what you are selling.

  13. LEOPOLD KIMARO says:

    I am so impressed with the organ.
    Would you please get to me as soon as possible if the organ isnt yet sold?????
    A VERY SERIOUS BUYER…..want to offer it to my church.
    Please write me an email about this, I have also a skype contact,,,,,leopold.kimaro.

  14. LEOPOLD KIMARO says:

    I am so impressed with the organ.
    I am looking forward with excitment to hear from you of how I can get the organ the soonest you can.
    Please, get to me ASAP,

  15. marshottentot says:


  16. rockstardave says:

    Just got an FS-500 for free off of craigslist, barely a scratch on it! Here’s a write up and some pics:

  17. billy says:

    I have a yamaha electone organ f-35 I am trying to figure out what it is worth…Its in beautiful condition with original bench…………Anyone know?

  18. marshottentot says:

    Sorry Billy, I don’t know. Send us pic, that would help.

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