Post-Modern Organ Musics For Non-Geriatrics 2


Starting off as a vaudevillian experimentalist with the band MATH and his first two records, { ‘The Amazing Spellcaster (Live from the Pussycat Caverns)‘ (BULB 1996) being the one where the Organ became the dominant instrument-still highly noisy / experimental stuff – I love it!}, Mr. Quintron and his puppeteer woman-at-arms Miss Pussycat mined soul, funk and gospel with his groundbreaking ‘Satan Is Dead’ (BULB 1997 oop). As of late, Quintron has adapted to hip hop rhythms as well as creating the insane analog drum machine light sensor thing known as the DRUM BUDDY. As I’m going for organ here, I didn’t add the Drum Buddy infomercial, but you should check it out because it’s golden.

Quintron and Miss P are interesting characters. My friends and I used to hang with him a lil’ bit back in the day whenever he’d come through Atlanta.  The last time I saw him he had just finished reading the Led Zeppelin biography ‘Hammer of The Gods’. He gave it to me said it was great except for the end when Bonzo dies, then took it back, ripped the last chapter out and handed it over, sparing me from the heartbreak of vicariously living through one of rock’s greatest drummers final days. He then proceeded to play a three hour set. We practically had to drag him away from that organ, man.