“More rare that a Mellotron, original tapes (which are very rare) — it sounds amazing. And as you can see, the condition is amazing. I’ve been getting asked quite a bit of questions so I want to add this: Yes, it works and it has been regularly maintained. As you can see, it’s in very good condition. Not only outside, but inside as well. I will take more pictures and post them. However, I would recommend getting it serviced. When you push a button for a preset, sometime it doesn’t go to the preset, sometimes it does. I heard this was an easy adjustment. I was using this in a recording studio, so the amplifier was bypassed and it went in directly into a DI box, which is the best, cleanest sound. I have played the new mellotrons and I have to say, this thing has so much more soul. The beauty and the spirit is in the slight imperfections of the machine. The thick sounds can not be matched. It’s located in Hollywood, CA. Local pickup is preferred. Got this text off the internet: This is the model that inspired the Mellotron Mark I. Bill Franson took two of these to England looking for a company to manufacture them and found Bradmatic, Ltd. (later Streetly). Look closely at these photos . The resemblence is profound. Two 35 note keyboards, a drum based station shuttling mechanism, push button operated station selectors, a single capstain and flywheel for driving the tapes – these and more were all present in the 600. _____ I’ve been asked to take hi-res photos and have just posted them. Many have asked what sounds it comes with and this is the email I send out: it comes with 18 sounds of lead, violins, flutes, guitar, voices, piano, cellos.. comes with many (too many to mention) sound effects, hard to describe what they are, but imagine an old movie score, very nostalgic, hand claps, scare shrieks, orchestral swirls, etc… It comes with 18 rythms. Mostly big band, swinging, salsa, bossanova, waltz, etc…”

Oh, hell yeah!  I’m gonna bid right now, let’s see the pri YI YI!!!

14,500.00 at this auction

well, it’s so rare, I guess I understand.  Tons more pix at the link.